Hyperlocal Publications

When you want to advertise, you want to reach a specific audience. That’s what our publications allow you to do.

We put your message in the hands, homes and minds of our readers as we deliver content that is relevant to the topics that are most important to them, their community.

You can choose from a variety of publications that serve the community and reach it thoroughly.

Our publications are read, respected and trusted.

Our publications are read, respected and trusted.

Our physical print publications reach readers through saturation mailing and penetrate the communities at a level that can not be found anywhere else.

Our email newsletters are opened the first thing each morning by thousands of loyal readers and our websites and social media platforms engage our audience 24/7, 365 days per year.

Besides being the most relevant and having the highest penetration among any of our peers, we have won hundreds of awards for the quality of our content.

We actually feel like we don’t even have peers. We think that you will agree.

280 Living

Reaches the HWY 280 Corridor to the Southeast of Birmingham, Alabama.

Since 2008, this publication has informed and entertained the zip codes of 35242 and 35243.

Village Living

Is the community newspaper for Mountain Brook, Alabama. First launched in 2010, this publication serves Mountain Brook’s residents in the zip codes of 35213, 35223, and 35243.

The Homewood Star

Took its name from the iconic star which hangs over 18th Street in downtown Homewood. Serving Homewood, Alabama residents in zip codes 35209, 35226, and 35216. In ten years it has become as much a fabric of the community as its namesake.

Hoover Sun

First launched in 2012 to cover this suburb that has seen tremendous growth. The Sun is known for the quality and depth of its local coverage and the dependability of conveying the important news that happens in the city. With penetration into zip codes 35216, 35226, 35236, and 35244 it reaches the city like nothing else.

Vestavia Voice

Is the community paper for this vibrant suburb which borders each of the four mentioned above. The city is known for A Life Above and this publication covers it completely. With penetration into 35216, 35226, 35243, and 35242, Vestavia Voice reaches these residents thoroughly.

Cahaba Sun

Serves Trussville, Alabama, one of the fastest-growing cities in the state. Its direct mail penetration into zip code 35173 makes it the most thorough penetration available to this highly desirable audience.

Iron City INK

Serves the city of Birmingham, not the suburbs as its sister papers do. And with the renaissance of downtown Birmingham in recent years, it is a great city to serve. The mailing of and track distribution of this publication reaches zip codes 35203, 35205, 35212, 35222, and 35233.

Birmingham Bar Association Bulletin

Is the publication for Birmingham, Alabama’s professional organization for the legal community. The Bulletin is a quarterly publication of the Birmingham Bar Association provided to its membership of roughly 3,500 lawyers and judges in the metropolitan Birmingham area.

Under the Lights

Is our annual High-School football preview magazine. It is distributed each year just prior to the kick-off of high school football. We leverage the highest quality coverage of our schools in the greater Birmingham area and publish this award-winning preview magazine.

The Guide to Homewood

Is the annual magazine for the Homewood Chamber of Commerce. Published as a service to our friends at the Chamber, this annual publication is the premiere annual magazine serving as a guide to life in Homewood, Alabama.