OUR Story

I know a thing or two about the need for every penny your business spends to be a good investment.

Our company story begins when I purchased a struggling community newspaper for $10. It was June of 2008 in the middle of the great recession.

I had no money and no credit and no experience in publishing.

Fast forward to right now where we are fortunate enough to have someone like you learning more about us.

That success required many right decisions and many of the right people joining this team. It required developing new products and services and it required clients to stick around.

It required buy-in for our mission and values.

Our Mission

To serve communities with accurate local news and information they need and to grow local businesses through strategic marketing solutions.

And the values that make us get up and go are:


Like Bob Dylan said, “You gotta serve somebody.” We serve our communities, our clients and each other.


Being relevant is how we make our mark. It’s key in everything that we do, whether it’s a digital ad campaign or a story about a local election.


Doing something new to make an impact and to solve a problem. It’s paramount.


Who do you trust? If we want to do it, we need to know it.


You are either growing or you are going. This is true in business, in relationships and in all areas of life. We know it and we live by it.


We anticipate what needs to happen and we make it so. Make success happen.


There’s a best way to do something and then there’s all the other ways. Let’s find the right way.


It’s an old truism, but it really does make the dream work. For you, for me and for us.


We must always strive to do the best work we can. Life is too short to live it otherwise.


See it through. Get the job done. That’s it.

Editorial Integrity

Our journalists are independent from our sales efforts. The end.


If we say it. We better do it.

Living this mission and these values is what winning looks like for us. If this sounds like a team that you’d like to join to grow your career or your business, let’s connect.

Dan Starnes
Founder and President