increase the power of your marketing

We offer a multi-pronged approach to drive your marketing efforts – featuring targeted print + digital packages designed to reach the patients that need you the most.

Share your brand on thousands of websites your clients visit every day and meet your prospects where they are.

$500 per month

Laser-Focused, Strategically Designed Plans with the Flexibility to Zero In on What’s Most Important to You

See how this multi-pronged approach can make a difference for your practice.

PACKAGES INCLUDE six print ads annually and twelve months of digital marketing

The six print ads make sure you don’t miss our once a year opportunities while also offering you the flexibility to zero in on the months that are most important to you. You will receive ads in your market(s) of choice for:

  • Women in Business 
  • Medical Guide in the Spring and Fall 
  • Three months of your choice

YOUR DIGITAL MARKETING will be covered all year long

  • Digital ad campaigns utilizing advanced tactics
  1. Addressable geofencing with audience curation
  2. Retargeting
  3. Contextual search campaigns
  4. Search retargeting
  • Creative design refreshed every 60 days
  • Retargeting offer quarterly workshops
  • Sponsored Content on Starnes’ newspaper sites
  • Google My Business optimization 
  • CRM integration including: 
  1. Lead capture
  2. SMS Marketing 
  3. Email Marketing 
  4. Marketing automation 
  5. Review Solicitation capabilities
  6. Built-in reporting
  • Digital display ads on Starnes’ newspaper sites of your choice

YOU will have the option to add:

  •  A new website 
  • Full marketing funnel build 
  • Video advertising 
  • OTT/CTV advertising
  • PPC Google Search campaigns
  • SEO
  • Custom-built automation sequences
  • Facebook and Instagram ads 
  • Website maintenance 
  • Hyperlocal print display advertising