In January, we posted a blog about why it is essential to use video for marketing purposes. Today’s blog is about how to implement video into your marketing strategy.

One of the main reasons video is so important is that it is an essential tool for leading customers down the conversion funnel. In fact, video can be used in every step of the customer journey.

Beginning at the top of the funnel, you can use video content to introduce your brand to new people and inform them about your product or service. As their first interaction with your company, you’re sure to make a lasting impression. Video can also serve as middle-of-funnel content to engage potential customers and assist them in evaluating whether or not they want to convert. You can also use video as bottom-of-funnel content to encourage prospects to take the final step to conversion and opt in to your core offer.

Dennis Yu, the CTO of Blitzmetrics, gives another perspective and breaks this down even further into three types of videos that play different roles in the customer journey: the Why (top-of-funnel), the How (middle-of-funnel), and the What (bottom-of-funnel).

The Why tells the story of how a company came to be—their passion, their history. The How is an opportunity for a business to share their expertise and engage with potential customers. The What (what marketers usually start with) actually pushes the product or service the company is offering.

A video can be used in every step of the customer journey with the eventual goal of conversion—it’s all about the content.

Say you’re a small business owner and you sell a specific product. For this blog’s sake, let’s say you sell grills. Here are some video ideas for each part of the funnel:


  • Tell the story of where your love of grilling came from. Maybe some of your favorite memories are when you would grill out with your father.
  • Explain what you love about cooking and how this led you to sell grills.
  • Explain what your core values are and how they set you apart from the competition.


  • Make some of your favorite recipes on your grills.
  • Show how to properly clean a grill.
  • Sit down with a local BBQ master and ask him questions about his grilling techniques.


  • Showcase your best-selling grill, highlighting its most attractive features.
  • Sit down with a customer and ask him about his experience with your company.
  • Show how to use specific grills. If it has a special feature, show how to get the best use out of it.

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